登入會員後,即可查詢所有有的有效點數 ,然後點選積分兌換區,即可查看有哪些商品可憑積分兌換

Member Porint

For every 1 Hong Kong dollar you spend , you can earn 1 point.
We have made redeeming your points easier with this site. Simply follow the steps below to redeem your MEG Points anytime.


1. Visit www.megclub.com.hk

2. If you are a First Time User, register for member and the E-mail and Password will be used for accessing this rewards site. Click Here(www.megclub.com.hk/register) to Register

3. Login and Search for your favourite rewards.

4. Confirm your order upon Checkout.

*Any rewards regarding the membership tier will be noticed by e-mail.

*Please note that rewards issued is not refundable, nor exchangeable for cash, or another Rewards.
Points available for redemption in your member account can be seen once you login using your E-mail and Password in the Account Summary section.
As a MEG Club, you can choose from a wide variety of exciting offerings. Please refer to our Rewards Catalogue.
You can use the Quick Search function to find specific Rewards. Type a keyword into the text box "search" and hit 'Enter'. This will bring up all the Rewards which match the keyword that you have entered.
Click here to go to the Terms & Conditions for Points Redemption.