About MEG Club

MEG Club, your one-stop portal to exciting and classy lifestyle learning experience.
Our mission is to enrich your daily life and get you to know how living can be filled with more WOW and FUN.
Join us now and stay tuned for our latest activities and exclusive member privileges!

Our three principles…

Be a Pilot. Be a Chef. Be a Sportsman. Be a Racer. Be a Performer… You CAN!

Whatever role you are playing every day, boost it up with a twist. Everyone has an urge to be playfull once in a while, take a challenges, do something cool, be in the spot light…
If you CAN energize your life, pocket some good memories for yourself, share some WOWs with friends and family, why not?

Put some effort and earn lots of pride and FUN!

Whether you are serious to take up a new hobby or just want to try out something uncommon, we plan it out and get you started. Let us handle the logistics and you just enjoy and make new friends.
It’s never too late to discover and, like so many, you will be surprised by your own talents. All you need is give yourself a GO!

This is what drives us forward and upward.

Who says living is boring and learning is dull? Be serious when you need to, but always have fun with us, while you gain new friends and color up your life.
Everyone has a FUN gene, and we help you boost it up (or wake it up).